Damp Proofing / Tanking / Timber Treatment

Rising Damp
Remove affected areas 1.2m high drill and inject with a liquid or cream to form a damp course, re-plaster with two coat sand and cement including a render mix additive

Penetrating Damp internal and external treatment
Remove affected areas internal and external and re-plaster as the above
If external is brick or stone finish all joints should be rake out an re pointed

Apply one base coat of water proof sand and cement render two coat tanking slurry finish with one coat sand and cement render

Timber Treatment
Identified affected timber for wet or dry rot or bug infestation and treat as a appropriate

I phoned Stonemist plastering to come and give me a quote for a 2 bed flat I wanted re-plastering, the price was very competitive, he was helpful and friendly he managed to fit me in, I was very pleased with the end result. They take real pride in his work…

Bernard Asante Staverton, Bath